Paint parties, readings, trainings, and more?

At PGP&E, the word “event” can mean a lot of things:

PGP&E is the co-producer of the upcoming 2023 short film, Crimson, and the 2022 award-winning short film, White Female

Sip & Paints/ paint workshops:

Available for paint parties and the artist brings all supplies- you provide the… spirits.

School appearances:

Available for book readings of any works in the PGP&E catalog. Adjusted for age, readings and activities have ranged from preK-8th.

Trainings and workshops: 

An experienced facilitator/trainer on a number of topics, Senyah Haynes is available for booking for the following types of workshops:

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

Circle Keeping (restorative justice/restorative practice)


Cultural Competency

And more…

For inquiries or more information, please send an email to

PGP&E’s debut event was at Chicago’s world famous Navy Pier. To celebrate Black History Month we produced a show and curated a live exhibit that explored the Black experience in the U.S. through the medium of sound.


In The Neighborhood of Sound was a 90-minute stage production written by Senyah Haynes. Its three focal points were spoken word, the rhythm of tap, and popular music. In this tapestry of sound the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Gwendolyn Brooks was artfully woven together with the tunes of Aretha Franklin, the dance styles of Bojangles and more.

The Surround Sound Exhibit featured live, interactive solo performances by some of Chicago’s most talented artists. The blending of their collective sounds against the backdrop of Crystal Garden’s indoor palm trees and shooting fountains gave the festival goers a unique cultural experience.

In the Neighborhood of Sound Cast:

Narrator- Nicole Bond

Vocalist- Felena Bunn

DJ- Jaytoo The DJ Yo Mama Luv

Keyboardist- Elgin Bokari

Tap Dancing- MADD Rhythms

Stage Manager- Mary Whiting

Surround Sound Exhibitors:

GQ the Teacher-Beat Boxing

Phenom-Hip Hop

MADD Rhythms– Tap Dancing

Iya Adesanya-Kerr– Spirituals

Garrette Horne– Djembes