Oak in the Acorn Books


Oak in the Acorn is PGP&E’s imprint for young readers. Books under this imprint are published only after great care has been taken to ensure they meet our high-quality standards of thoughtful authorship, educational content, and stunning illustrations that make the stories come alive. While our books feature characters of color so that young readers of color can positively see their own images reflected in the pages, the books are valuable to young people of all ethnicities. Our books often illuminate untold perspectives and will certainly increase cultural competency in the critical formative years, all while maintaining a universal appeal that makes them relatable to all.  Books published under the Oak in the Acorn imprint are intended to spark conversations between the young readers who have enjoyed them and the caring adults in their lives.


*PGP&E uses the Lexile ® measuring system to assess readability for its youth audiences.

Jayla’s Jaunts (860L) is an exciting adventure series about a fun-loving, tree-climbing little girl and her whimsical auntie who expresses herself through rhyme and totes a “tiny glittered purse” that holds countless wonders. Together, they travel and explore the culture and history of every place they go. In this first book, Jayla’s Jaunts: All About Alabama, the reader is introduced to the main characters as they journey through the “Heart of Dixie,” thanks to Jayla’s fateful spin of her auntie’s magic globe. The iconic places and people Jayla learns about in this book include the Edmund Pettus Bridge, The Tuskegee Airmen, Rosa Parks, and more. With engaging storytelling infused with rich,  eye-catching illustrations this book is a must-have for the young readers in your life.     ON SALE NOW

Jayla’s Jaunts: Adventures In Alaska (860L) gives Jayla and Auntie Yah-Yah an opportunity to literally fly through the great outdoors as they bathe themselves in the light of the Aurora Borealis. In this vibrant tale Jayla also learns about the daunting work carried out by a group from the Army Corps of Engineers as they built the first highway connecting Alaska “to the lower 48.” ON SALE NOW

Jayla’s Jaunts: Arizona Antics (770L) takes Jayla and her Auntie Yah-Yah to the Arizona desert where they learn about the Navajo Nation. They also curiously watch a lady dig a very conspicuous hole… one that turns into an underground house away from “the critters and the heat” and becomes the talk of the town!

Jayla’s Jaunts: Agog & Awe In Arkansas (780L) is quite the history hop as Auntie Yah-Yah teaches her niece about the Little Rock 9, and Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the first Black Surgeon General.

Jayla’s Jaunts:  Cruisin’ Down California (890L) proves life can’t get any more fun for Jayla than riding down the Pacific Coast Highway in a purple droptop with the wind “whipping through her hair like a rocket!” She and her Auntie Yah-Yah visit the Black Panthers, learn about a very tenacious colonel who founded an all-Black town, and witness the adventures of the “Grandmother of Los Angeles,” dear Ms. Biddy Mason.



Jayla’s Jaunts:  Colorado (working title) 


Boutep and Tah-Tah Take a Train

In the eyes of two and three-year-olds, the wonders never cease. After traveling from their small village halfway around the globe, Boutep and his brother, Tah-Tah marvel at all the new curiosities they witness on a big city subway. Guided by the wisdom of their mother, the boys learn what a big world there is to see.

A Bedtime Story

This whimsical rhyme helps little ones drift to sleep on the heels of a day with time well spent and life well lived, featuring the charming illustrations of Bobbi Jo Corcoran.